Non Neutral Plasma Physics Group

NNP - Activities



Name Workscope
Prof. Dr. Holger Podlech Host Professorship
Dr. Martin Droba Magnetostatic Ring Studies
Dr. Oliver Meusel Gabor-Lenses, Intense Hadron Beams, E-Clouds
Dr. Kathrin Schulte NNP Diagnostics, Gabor-Lenses, E-Clouds
M.Sc. Heiko Niebuhr Injection into Magnetostatic Storage Rings
M.Sc. Fips Schneider Interaction Between Beam Plasma and RF-Fields
M.Sc. Adem Ates Diagnostics for Magnetostatic Storage Rings
B.Sc. Virginia Britten Beam-NNP-Interaction in Gabor-Lenses
B.Sc. Stephan Klaproth NNP Diagnostics, Gabor-Lens Controls
B.Sc. Onur Payir Massless Septum Systems
M.Sc. Bernhard Scheible Thermodynamical Characterisation of NNP
M.Sc. Katrin Thoma Stability of confined Electron Columns with Aspect Ratio below 0.1
Christian H√ľbinger e-Beam Probe, e-Lenses
NNP - Activities

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