Non Neutral Plasma Physics Group

NNP - Activities



Name Workscope
Prof. Dr. Holger Podlech Host Professorship
Dr. Martin Droba Magnetostatic Ring Studies
Dr. Oliver Meusel Gabor-Lenses, Intense Hadron Beams, E-Clouds
Dr. Kathrin Schulte NNP Diagnostics, Gabor-Lenses, E-Clouds
M.Sc. Heiko Niebuhr Injection into Magnetostatic Storage Rings
M.Sc. Fips Schneider Interaction Between Beam Plasma and RF-Fields
M.Sc. Adem Ates Diagnostics for Magnetostatic Storage Rings
B.Sc. Virginia Britten Beam-NNP-Interaction in Gabor-Lenses
B.Sc. Stephan Klaproth NNP Diagnostics, Gabor-Lens Controls
B.Sc. Onur Payir Massless Septum Systems
B.Sc. Bjorn Reetz Tomographic Phase-Space Reconstruction of Ion Beams
B.Sc. Bernhard Scheible Thermodynamical Characterisation of NNP
M.Sc. Katrin Thoma Stability of confined Electron Columns with Aspect Ratio below 0.1
Christian H√ľbinger e-Beam Probe, e-Lenses
B.Sc. Kaan Erkinay Extraction of Ion Beams from Cold Plasmas


Name Second Stage
Dr. Daniel Noll CERN
Dr. Christoph Wiesner CERN
M.Sc. Joschka Felix Wagner CERN
Dr. Ninad Joshi Michigan State University
Dr. Stefan Schmidt Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies - FIAS
NNP - Activities