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The non-neutral plasma physics group belongs to the professorship of H. Podlech, whose field of work is divided into three categories - normal conducting hadron accelerators, - superconducting hadron accelerators and physics of non-neutral plasmas.
Non-neutral plasmas are a state of matter that exists as an ensemble of charged particles, which is confined and investigated in special traps. In addition to this static confinement, our group, also investigates the dynamic of intense beams of charged particles, which represent a special form of non-neutral plasmas.

The research interests of non-neutral plasma physics group are divided in four topics, which are coupled strongly:
  • Confinement of non-neutral plasmas
  • Intense charged particle beams
  • Interaction of charged particle beams with non-neutral plasmas
  • Development of non-interceptive diagnostic tools


Confinement of Non-Neutral Plasmas Space Charge Lenses
Intense Charged Particle Beams Non-Interceptive Diagnostic Tools
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