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Introduction Function
Idealised F8SR geometry with Segmented design consisting of 20 toroids with a numerically calculated magnetic surface
Conventional storage rings in accelerator physics consists of a periodically array of focusing quadrupole magnets with bending dipole magnets. The particle motion in x,y - planes are coupled through space charge and could lead to onset of instabilities when resonance occurs. In the following an other class of low energy storage rings (W~150keV) is considered. Here the necessary beam focusing will be provided by the longitudinal magnetic field like in solenoidal channels. The latest design of the F8SR is the result of several previous designstudies of a stellarator like high current ion storage ring. The research objectives of that type of magnetostatic storage ring are the possible innovative properties for accelerator physics. As main fields of research the F8SR could be applied in basic research of plasma physics and nuclear astrophysics such as:
  • Investigation of fusion cross sections (e.g.: p + 11B → 3 4He + 8.7MeV)
  • Multiple beam particle reactions of different particle species
  • Multi-ionisation processes of light atoms due to interaction with intense low energy proton beams
  • Beam cooling for conceivable beam crystallisation
  • Multiple beam collision experiments
NNP - Activities - Projects - High Current Storage Ring